Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Poem Contributed by Kerry "Doc" Pardue

I AM NOT FINISHED WITH YOU YET                                                                       by Kerry "Doc" Pardue, National Commander
Medics & Corpsmen 2012-2012 

I was there the day you were born
It was My breath that gave you and your sister life
All it took was one look I knew I had much in store for you

I was there when you got hurt
Each and every time
I wanted you to think of me when those things happened

When the car rolled over and tossed you out
I made sure My Angels guarded you all
I was beginning to mold your heart to fall in love with me

While you were in your training and came upon the accident scene
I gave you My breath to blow into the young man’s lungs
He lived and became a miracle to those in his life

The night of your 1st ambush patrol
My servant pushed you away
I was not finished with you

The day you were wounded I held you in My arms
Protecting you from further harm
I still had much for you to do

When you were a cop I watched over you
So many times you never knew how I directed your steps
Away from harm – I was that 6th sense you always felt

As you became a father with children of your own
So much to do so much to teach of My love
Your assignment was to raise them in a Christian home

You have eight grandchildren and they are counting on you
I need you to be their light to see me
To show them My love in example of you

Now that you are an old man and your journey is almost complete
We have traveled many roads together and touched lives along the way
So many lives are forever changed and many more will be too
Because I still am not finished with you yet.

©Copyright December 30, 2005 by Kerry “Doc” Pardue
National Commander, Medics & Corpsmen 2010-2012


Monday, October 8, 2012

 "WE ARE ALL ADOPTED" By Charles P. Malone
Mothers Day had once again come and passed, leaving in its wake the all-to- familiar tears and emotions that had surfaced over the past ten (10) years of my daughter-in-laws marriage to my son.  Unable to bear children of her own, this compassionate and loving daughter-in-law courageously accepted well-meaning attempts at church to include “all” women in their praises for motherhood whether or not they had actually given birth.   Although she was helping to raise our son’s daughter from a previous marriage, and loved her dearly … those god-given instincts that only resonate with women were not totally satisfied.
They had bonded almost instantly, stepdaughter and stepmother; but not without the usual challenges that often come when a birth mother or father is absent from a family unit.  They were a very happy family, but deep down the feeling persisted that they were not complete.

“It was almost like waking from a dream,” my daughter-in-law said as she related the feelings of receiving a call from LDS Social Services to let her know of a 1 year old boy currently living in a foster home and soon to be available for adoption.

Of course they had pursued adoption, but after waiting almost 4 years without even so much of a nibble, it seemed very likely that dreams of more children would turn out to be just that … dreams!

Often, when reality strikes and removes you from a dream state, it is hard to focus, to comprehend what is being said.  You hear the words, but they don’t resonate.  It has been too long without even a glimmer of hope to hang onto; it was a dream that had not come true.   There would be no fairytale ending here. 

Yet, as the words grew louder, clearer, and their meaning began to sink in … there was almost a feeling of dread, that this too was only a dream; one that would end just like all the others.

“I said, there is the possibility of adopting a 1 year old boy, are you still interested?” persisted the caller on the other end of the line.

The events following that “dream shaking” phone call have become only too real and too wonderful.  Not only were they able to gain custody and then formally adopt this miracle gift, his birth mother was again pregnant and within two (2) months of gaining custody of one child, his new-born brother was placed into our daughter in laws arms, right from the womb of another.

Several months have passed since the arrival of these two precious boys into the heart of our family.  They will likely never know fully the love they have brought into our lives, or being an answer to prayers offered by so many for such a long time.   Unlike the legal aspects of adoption, a calculated process filled with roller-coaster emotional highs and lows, it took no time at all for these new additions to assume their stately role as the newest members of the “Malone Zone,” as we affectionately refer to our family unit, doted over by aunts and uncles, cousins, and close friends; each offering their support, love, and acceptance.

A hint of coolness in the morning air brought hope that fall was just around the corner, as my wife and I made our way up the steps to the entrance of the Mesa Arizona Temple.   As I gazed up at this beautiful building and reflected back many years ago as a member of another Christian faith, I recalled how my thoughts were confused about what happens when this life is over.  I found the concept that life and relationships and families “just end,” to be hard to swallow.  When I learned from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that both the Bible and newly revealed scripture contained in the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price, taught of a life after death where families could be reunited for eternity, I was both relieved and excited. 

Now, as I sit as a witness to the sealing of a family unit, together for time and all eternity, I ponder even deeper the significance of those teachings learned so many years ago.  My two little grandsons and teenage granddaughter … all dressed in white, surrounded by those who love them, soon to become brother(s) and sister, mom and dad … forever; adopted into a family who will love and cherish and support.

The sealing ceremony is short … too short when one is filled with emotions of “the moment.” Yet, I contently drink in the radiance of a husband and wife kneeling together as they had done so many times before when pleading with the Lord for a miracle, but now giving new meaning to the words “happiness” and “forever.”


Monday, October 1, 2012

I began writing this blog during a very dark and discouraging time of my life ... and it is reflected in the content written at that time.  I am leaving it on the site to remind me once again that trial is not the enemy.  It is our reaction to trial that determines the eventual outcome, not the trial itself.   It also serves to remind me that the storm clouds of trial do pass on ... leaving the promise of better days ahead.

If this slant on trial interests you ... I invite you to read a condensed version of the results of that particular time of trial in my life, a soon to be published book entitled "The Sweetness of Trial."  It can be found at http://thesweetnessoftrial.wordpress.com/

Had I not been exposed to personal trial in the first place, I would never have taken that first step toward developing a writing style that has seen many of my articles published.  The possibility of writing a book had never crossed my mind, due mostly to my belief that I had nothing to offer.  So, enter trial ... and now you have something to write about.

Keeping up with today's social media blitz is frightening to most ... and to me included.  Yet, in trial, I found a real estate company who brought out the best in me via video production and taught (is teaching) me how to interact from one media to another.  It is an amazing journey and one that would never have started without trial.

If you would like to see a few of those videos, relating to our current events in real estate ... click over to http://chuckmalone.jkrealtyaz.com/ and scroll down to find recent blog posts and video content on real estate issues.

You don't need to read the earlier posts on this site ... They will depress you!  But please read the condensed book on trial ... and I promise you will be uplifted and encouraged.

The title of my blog reflects my attitude about life.  It is a quest!  And I am driven to explore who I am and where will life take me if I just add a little "thrust" to the formula?  That thrust is called "my reaction to trial."

So if you would like to follow my future posts to see where life takes me ... you will need to "like" or "follow" the site, and you will be automatically notified when a new post has been entered.  It would be my honor to have you along.

I hope to learn how to publish ALL my writings on this site, in a library of sorts, so keep checking in from time to time to see the progress.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A New Year ... A New Beginning!

My relationship with "Social Media" has turned into something of an infatuation. Although I don't spend much time reading other blogs, etc., I find myself drawn to Facebook Friends and keeping in touch. I have spent much time and energy "branding" myself on my business page (www.facebook.com/chuckmalonerealestate) and my business blog (http://www.yourhomemalone.com/) as well as a You Tube Channel (www.youtube.com/user/cmalone44) all in an effort to stay current with the communication trends and serve my real estate clients.

But this Blog Site is dedicated to more personal musings ... an opportunity to express feelings that otherwise might not be appropriate for a business blog.

So it's a new year ... and a new opportunity to shed the grey and sometimes dark clouds of the previous decade. I look forward to being able to write about good things happening in 2011 to the Malone Zone.

Stay tuned, at least weekly.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A New Chapter Begins

I keep having to remind myself that ALL of life's experiences are for our good, as another door closes ... others open.

Somewhere along the line I used my free agency and chose to live the life of an entrepreneur over a safe and secure "job." That choice has provided many experiences over the course of my working life that have molded me into the man I am today. I truly enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of not having the same environment to report to every day, the flexibility to coach a softball team, or attend parent teacher conferences, or just be around the family while I earned my way.

Why do we choose certain professions? I was accepted into Palmer Chiropractic School, having graduated from ASU in 1969, but after selling our home, quitting my job, and practically having the car loaded for the trip, Linda started to miscarry, and we were advised ... no, told NOT to even think about leaving town, by Linda's physician, who happened to be our neighbor as well.

So I begged the person who bought our home, to give it back ... they did. And I crawled into work, asking for my old job back ... but I got a better one. And our second child (Stacy) was born without complications ... and life continued on a different course that would lead ultimately to a career framed with variations of the real estate industry ... Real Estate Broker; Home Building and Land Development; New Home sales; Land Brokerage; Construction Management; Environmental Consulting; developing Gas Stations with the new attraction, Convenience Markets; and later developing and managing Retail Strip Malls and Travel Centers for clients.

Just before the recent economic "crash" I had associated myself in a partnership with a local real estate family to develop and manage self-storage facilities. We had accumulated 3 locations and were just minutes away from pulling the trigger on the construction of our first facility. Again, timing was against us and unfortunately (or fortunately) we pulled in our horns.

Throw in a few "specialized" detours such as starting a lumber company that merged with another company to become R&K Building Supplies; an LDS bookstore that became Desert Book on Mesa Drive; a metal building franchise that bit the dust in the first year; a very successful Independent Amway Distributorship; a Dairy Queen franchise in Tempe; a Published Author (magazine articles); a paid Public Speaker and Trainer; a Merchant Services Representative in the credit card and financial services industry; and most recently a Project Manager at a local Extended Stay Hotel.

If you are reading this blog, you probably have already received an email announcing my recent affiliation with Keller Williams Realty East Valley. Wow! has the real estate industry changed since I opened my doors in 1974 with Malone Realty & Investments and then Old West Realty.
Today, there are specialists for everything! You can be a Buyer's agent, a Seller's agent, a Transaction Coordinator, an Open House sittee :0) ... An REO, Short Sale, Foreclosure Specialist with professional designations. All I wanted to do was to serve people with problems to solve. That is what I have done all my life and continue to do today. A long-time client of mine quipped the other day "We don't give you anything easy do we?" No they don't, but then, why would they?

I look forward to the next chapter in my life. It certainly is not called "retirement." My "gun for hire" persona invites all sorts of future challenges and accomplishments. If you know of anyone that might benefit from the cinemascopic (is that a real word?) view of life I have chose to call "ChuckHasSolutions.com" I would appreciate the referral.

So stay tuned for the development of the next chapter ... in the life of Gun for Hire, Chuck Malone.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009, A Year to Remember ... or Forget?

One Christmas tradition that has continued after the death of both my parents has been a Christmas Eve "lighting of the candles" with my sister and her extended family. The Malone children, their children, and my sister's extended family have dinner together and then conclude the activity by gathering in somewhat of a circle, pass out the white candles, and prepare to share what this year has meant to each, young and old, as the candles are lighted one by one.

My observation this year was that every family spoke of trials they had encountered during the year. Not in a "feel sorry for me" way, but of a sweetness that comes only from being tried and living to tell about it, only to be tried and tested again.

Some say, this year of 2009 was second only to the Great Depression in it's effect upon our lives and previous standards of living. I will leave my comments about that to a future blog ... but only reference it now to make the point that 2009 will indeed be remembered as a year of universal trial. Some of us, however, will remember 2009 as a year to be forgotten, and that would be a shame if we forget.

As our family lit our candles, and expressed what was on our mind and heart, there was a common thread weaving itself through our relationships, other than a common bloodline. We had been tried and had managed to still love one another. Another common thread evident in our remarks was feelings for God and His Son Jesus Christ. Most everyone confessed a deeper love for our Savior and for His spirit touching their lives with comfort and support. No one blamed God for their misfortune or loss of revenue. No one seemed full of regret or hard feelings. We had been tried ... and were found to be humble as we shared our feelings with one another.

As in the past, "this too will pass," and once again we will experience growth and harvest. How unfortunate if we do not learn the lessons from 2009 that were taught in abundance:

1. What matters most is family ... someone to share with and sacrifice for.

2. Avoid debt.

3. Develop a skill that could be used to provide income should the need arise.

4. Don't think you have a "forever" job or occupation ...
just ask those of us who "used" to be developers of real estate.

5. Develop interpersonal skills that could be transferred from one industry to another.

6. Save a little food and a little money, for a rainy day ... or month ... or year.

7. We are happiest when we are serving others.

8. A clear conscience is a great sleep-aid. Give an honest day's work for an honest day's pay;
forgive those who trespass against you; choose honesty over the potential of gain at the
expense of others; integrity means doing the "right" thing.

9. Clip a coupon, chase a sale, celebrate the savings.

10. Remember to give God all the glory and praise for your "new found" happiness and good
fortune as it comes.

Soon, the 2009 year will be replaced with a new year and hopes of a brighter future. It is my hope and prayer that the changes in me that came as a result of trial, will not be lost or forgotten. I hope to remember the sweet feelings of the Master's embrace as I wept for an other's illness or business setbacks. How I cared enough to mourn with those who suffered loss of loved ones and friends. How I penned a gentle note of appreciation and stamped it with love.

Yes, it was a difficult year ... one that I hope will never be forgotten.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thoughts on LDS General Conference

Saturday, the 3rd of October 2009, marked the 179th Semi-Annual "General Conference" of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the "Mormons"). Fortunately, I was able to attend ALL sessions via BYU TV and loved every minute of it. I have even recorded each session so I can watch segments over the next 6 months and study the words of the modern day Prophets.

At the invitation of our Stake President, I approached General Conference with personal prayer on subjects of personal interest and need. I hoped for answers, but knew that those answers would only come after personal study and meditation. Studying it out in my own mind, then asking God for confirmation.

The first answer came in the form of a hymn sung by the Tabernacle Choir, Saturday morning session. "Choose the Right, and God will bless you evermore." I believe that hymn carried the message of the Conference: "Agency ... We are free to choose."

We choose how we "respond" to challenges. We choose to be more diligent and concerned at home; Agency, the power to choose, was part of our pre-existant birthright; We are free to choose Temperance, Restraint, Yet patient in affliction - hold the course under pressure;

I thought Boyd K. Packers talk on "Spiritual Communication" was timely.

During the Saturday evening Priesthood Session, M. Russell Ballard gave valuable advice to Fathers and Sons on "How to Talk Together."

President Uchtdorph related principles that sustained him through his very difficult youth and early adulthood. He counseled: Work ... Fill your life with work. Be steady and consistent and things will improve.
Learn ... Education is not just a good idea, it is a commandment.

I loved President Eyrings talk "Those who are prepared, shall answer the call." He recalled an experience when a neighbors child had been hit by a car and not expected to live. President Eyring was called by the parents to administer. He had no time to prepare, but had oil and faith, and had lived the gospel so that God would have no trouble "finding him." He blessed the child ... and she lived.

President Monson spoke of "Anger." A feeling that many of us have found invading our souls as times get tougher. Sometimes we place blame for our circumstances ... and that leads to anger.

There were others ... but President Monson's talk on "Service," just confirmed my own convictions that unless we loose ourselves in the service of others, we are left to reflect on our own miseries ... and become selfish with our time, talents, and means. "We loose ourselves in pursuit of the "thick of thin things," when we don't serve," said President Monson.

My testimony of God and His eternal plan of happiness was strengthened by listening to conference and then studying the notes I took, and recording my feelings in my journal. How blessed I feel to have access to a "fountain of living waters," even the Gospel of Jesus Christ and its Prophets and Apostles. To be taught what God would have us know about how to survive these troubled times, is truly the Pearl of Great Price spoken of in the scriptures.

I know God lives and that he loves us. I also know that there are laws on which blessings are predicated, and obedience to those laws are essential to receiving those blessings. I feel I am better equipped to live those laws, having sat at the feet of wise men and women during this Conference.