Sunday, September 27, 2009

Primary Program

Linda leads the music in Sacrament Service and I usually sit in my assigned seat two rows from the front, so we can sit together during most of the service. Today was our Ward Primary Program and the entire choir seating area was filled with primary age children. By themselves, they usually put on a real entertaining show, but today the 3-year olds stole center stage. Placed on risers in front of the podium, each with his/her own little chair, they sat their like little angels, just waiting for their turn to sing and present.

Linda and I had the best seat in the house. The teachers were sitting on the front row facing their charges, but that didn't stop the individual acts that took place right in front of us. It was a case of twenty five 3-year olds turned comedian. At first, all seemed normal as all eyes turned to watch the chorister. After a few songs, the attention span of a 3-year old turned to entertaining the congregation. With thumbs planted in each eye, he pulled down and revealed red eye sockets. Getting a little rise from his audience, the blond haired kid stood up and took a bow ... sending all of us in the front couple of rows into silent hysterics. Watching him attentively, another little boy decided to catch mom's attention, somewhere in the congregation, so he stood and waived a princely wave at him mom. Simultaneously, a little girl on the top riser became the object of attention as her seat mate noticed the beads on her brightly colored dress and began to pick at them ... which caused the little girl to react by falling off the riser, chair and all. Her teachers were off the pew almost before the little girl hit the floor. Put back into her place, the look of satisfaction she gave the boy brought tears to my eyes.

Then there was the nose picker, the hair puller, the "I can't keep my hands to myself" boy, and the ever popular "turn around and stand on my chair so I can see the group behind me," kid. I know I can't possibly describe the three-ring circus and do it justice, but it was so pure and real, we still got the message of the program, that no matter who you are; no matter your personality, your warts, or your beauty, God accepts us all and desires for each of us to return to His presence.

To help us find our way, he calls special Sunday School Teachers with the patience of Job, to lead, guide, and teach us what we should know. I watched with amazement how the teacher(s) of each class, treated each child with tender love and care, as they proudly guided their charges to the microphone to discharge the carefully prepared script. Teachers, thank you for your sacrifice and faith in preparing tomorrow's leaders each Sunday. You truly are special!

I can't wait until next year's presentation and for certain I will try for 2nd row seats.

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