Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Poem Contributed by Kerry "Doc" Pardue

I AM NOT FINISHED WITH YOU YET                                                                       by Kerry "Doc" Pardue, National Commander
Medics & Corpsmen 2012-2012 

I was there the day you were born
It was My breath that gave you and your sister life
All it took was one look I knew I had much in store for you

I was there when you got hurt
Each and every time
I wanted you to think of me when those things happened

When the car rolled over and tossed you out
I made sure My Angels guarded you all
I was beginning to mold your heart to fall in love with me

While you were in your training and came upon the accident scene
I gave you My breath to blow into the young man’s lungs
He lived and became a miracle to those in his life

The night of your 1st ambush patrol
My servant pushed you away
I was not finished with you

The day you were wounded I held you in My arms
Protecting you from further harm
I still had much for you to do

When you were a cop I watched over you
So many times you never knew how I directed your steps
Away from harm – I was that 6th sense you always felt

As you became a father with children of your own
So much to do so much to teach of My love
Your assignment was to raise them in a Christian home

You have eight grandchildren and they are counting on you
I need you to be their light to see me
To show them My love in example of you

Now that you are an old man and your journey is almost complete
We have traveled many roads together and touched lives along the way
So many lives are forever changed and many more will be too
Because I still am not finished with you yet.

©Copyright December 30, 2005 by Kerry “Doc” Pardue
National Commander, Medics & Corpsmen 2010-2012


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