Monday, October 1, 2012

I began writing this blog during a very dark and discouraging time of my life ... and it is reflected in the content written at that time.  I am leaving it on the site to remind me once again that trial is not the enemy.  It is our reaction to trial that determines the eventual outcome, not the trial itself.   It also serves to remind me that the storm clouds of trial do pass on ... leaving the promise of better days ahead.

If this slant on trial interests you ... I invite you to read a condensed version of the results of that particular time of trial in my life, a soon to be published book entitled "The Sweetness of Trial."  It can be found at

Had I not been exposed to personal trial in the first place, I would never have taken that first step toward developing a writing style that has seen many of my articles published.  The possibility of writing a book had never crossed my mind, due mostly to my belief that I had nothing to offer.  So, enter trial ... and now you have something to write about.

Keeping up with today's social media blitz is frightening to most ... and to me included.  Yet, in trial, I found a real estate company who brought out the best in me via video production and taught (is teaching) me how to interact from one media to another.  It is an amazing journey and one that would never have started without trial.

If you would like to see a few of those videos, relating to our current events in real estate ... click over to and scroll down to find recent blog posts and video content on real estate issues.

You don't need to read the earlier posts on this site ... They will depress you!  But please read the condensed book on trial ... and I promise you will be uplifted and encouraged.

The title of my blog reflects my attitude about life.  It is a quest!  And I am driven to explore who I am and where will life take me if I just add a little "thrust" to the formula?  That thrust is called "my reaction to trial."

So if you would like to follow my future posts to see where life takes me ... you will need to "like" or "follow" the site, and you will be automatically notified when a new post has been entered.  It would be my honor to have you along.

I hope to learn how to publish ALL my writings on this site, in a library of sorts, so keep checking in from time to time to see the progress.

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