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My "Quest" the last 10 years has been to provide SOLUTIONS for PROPERTY OWNERS who have property to DEVELOP but lack the time or expertise to do it on their own.

I started developing gas stations in 1986, just as the "convenience market industry" was being born. The majority of those 30 or so stations were a result of a changing market and reflected an attempt by the owner to "do something different" and to create their own brand.

Most of those stations became "Star Marts" in 1990, and are branded Shell today, with the merger of Texaco and Shell a few years ago.
[FIRST PHOTO] Just after the turn of the new century, I was fortunate enough to be involved in my first retail center, located in Mesa at the NWC of Baseline and Power Roads. You know it as the Honey Baked Ham store, or where the best fish tacos can be eaten, at Rubios.
[SECOND PHOTO] I then had the opportunity to help develop a beautiful gas station amidst the tall pines and San Francisco Mountains as a backdrop, in Flagstaff, AZ. This project was loaded with "mines" such as special interest groups and pouring cement in the dead of winter ... but we got it done and it still looks beautiful even today.
[THIRD PHOTO] The next photo was a real stretch. In 2003, the intersection of Hwy 260 and I-17 [Cottonwood side] was just dirt and an old Chevron gas station. A developer siezed an opportunity when the State widened Hwy 260 into Cottonwood and needed some dirt. Well, he had mountains of it ... and thus began the nesting place for the Verde Travel Center, located in Camp Verde, AZ. The owners wanted to preserve the Native American influence that is predominant in the area, so after extensive research and many different designs, a 12,000 square foot building was designed around a gas station, c-store, trading post, and Wendy's Hamburger franchise. There were many issues to overcome, public sentiment to win over, and utilities to bring from afar. But when I still get phone calls today, telling me how beautiful the architecture is and how clean the grounds are and so well maintained, I tend to forget the many hours of focus it took to produce such a jewel in the high desert.

The Upper Village of Moenkopi is one of the first Villages within the Hopi Nation to develop and own a project that will be staffed predominately with Native Americans living in the general vicinity of Tuba City, AZ. This project would not have been even dared if it were not for dedicated individuals such as the CEO and President of Moenkopi Developers, Daniel Honahni and other Village Board Members. These individuals had a dream of self reliance apart from the mother ship, and I watched them overcome hurdle after hurdle to achieve their dream of independence. How grateful I am to have been given the opportunity to direct the team that designed and constructed this beautiful structure. The inspiration for this project came, I believe, from my project in Camp Verde (Photo #3), for it was after seeing this facility that they contacted me about doing the same type development on their property.
When I first set foot on the parcel, I had already put into motion my team ... and then found out the site was only 2 acres in it's present state, and it needed to be 4 acres. Now that should have scared me away, but it didn't. We just moved ahead and transported over 2 acres of import ... where at one point is 16 feet high from the original base.
The facility has a Smoke Shop, Convenience Store, Gas Station, Car Wash, RV Dump, Artisian Booths for locals to show and sell their crafts, a Cafe specializing in local fare, and a Taco Del Mar, mexican food franchise. The entry to the food and artisian court showcases an amazing engineering spectacle of wood and beam. You must put Tuba City on your "places to visit" list, just to see the woodcraft in this building ... and of course take a break or even stay in the new Moenkopi Inn next door.
I will provide links to these places, once I learn "how" to do so.
I do enjoy PROVIDING SOLUTIONS to whatever needs you might have. I will post at a later date my foree into the Self Storage market... but off to spend some time with the grandkids at Pizza Piper :>)

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