Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Life at Woodland Lake

Woodland Lake, located in Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ, is a little slice of Heaven. Linda and I were both raised in Northern Arizona and have a special place in our hearts for such beauty. If you want a place to stretch your legs or work up a sweat, you can do both by walking the path around the Lake. Just watch out for the serious joggers. Yes, you can take your 4-legged companion as well and both get a good workout. Just be sure your companion is on a leash (the 4-legged companion, that is).
I love Woodland Lake in the morning ... or in the late afternoon ... but either time, you are sure to be treated to some great photo opps. It's a place where amateur photographers, like myself, can just about point and shoot ... and turn out something as beautiful as this. Put a yellow mat around this and watch the colors jump out at you. You can get to Woodland Lake by taking Woodland Road off the main drag between Lakeside and Pinetop. Or take the road by the Chevron station in Pinetop and it takes you right there (Can you tell I'm from a small town where directions given are structures and not street names? I still do not know the street names in Happy Holbrook).

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